Timefog 05 – M.Gervais - It's All Wrong EP w/ Remixes from Tim Xavier, Dustin Zahn, and Acid Circus.

Timefog boss M.Gervais returns for his second offering. Crunchy techno to make your speakers sizzle!

TF05 cover From the Beginning
Pumping bass and echoes from high-pressure submarines slice from dark, profound depths, opening into a sleek, modern techno vibe with a nod to the memorable drones of a certain traffic jam, complimented with a touch of morphing Plastikman meltdowns, descending bass and unexpected effects. This is certainly a heady track that will do serious damage on the floor.
From the Beginning (Tim Xavier Remix)
Berlin dweller Tim Xavier (Clink) throws his hat in the ring to take a swing as well. His take brings a droning build to dizzying rollercoaster heights before plunging down into the twists and turns of weiss-hot screaming techno. Compressed claps and extra clatter in the background make for a busier journey, drifting back into the break from the beginning to begin again!
From the Beginning (Dustin Zahn Remix)
Dustin Zahn (Drumcode, Rekids, Enemy) works it out for a harder, darker warehouse vibe for fans of Mark Broom. Raw claps, reverberating bass, air raid alarms, seething shakers, and an incessant buzz make this prime time anthem material for strobe-drenched darkness, with numeric shouts and clamorous rusty metallic smashes ushering in several peaks and valleys.
From the Beginning (Acid Circus' American Beater Remix)
DROID tag team Acid Circus are all over this thing like ketchup on burgers. Stripping the beginning back to an effective jackin DJ tool and tightening up some random interjections, this treatment will be prime for big soundsystems and, well, basically beating your cute little face, Chuck Norris style.
From the Beginning (Dustin Zahn's Beat Tool)
The same intensity, reduced to the drums
Finish Line
Racing ramping low end sound and tapping thunks light the fire under holographic reflections of halogen sound. Wailing chaos sirens drop over the sprint to the end, joining in to raise the energy level of a big room, anchored in place by kung fu chops and hyperdrive pads. This is a tool for pumping up the intensity, storming rhinocerous techno that will gore you in the face, then lay down in the shade after the race.

Camea and Alexi Delano
play the Tim Xavier Remix of From The Beginning:

Dustin Zahn
Tim Xavier


Len Faki
Comments: shut on the original mix!


Dustin Zahn
Comments: mint

stuart McMillan (slam)
Comments: Dustin Zahn mix for me

Orde Meikle
Comments: oh yes - all cool mixes - straight in the crate - will play

John Selway
Comments: yep it's mental...

Comments: Its all good, but Dustin's Beat Tool is the one that will get the most plays from me. Good luck with the release guys.

Comments: Nice release. Support

bryan zentz
Comments: The original is great and so are the remixes! finish line is really cool as well. love the sounds. def a gervais fan here... !

marco bailey
Comments: cool !

Alan Fitzpatrick
Comments: Zahns the man, love this!

Joseph Capriati
Comments: great sound! i will support it for sure!

Nihad Tule
Comments: Amazing release. Dustins both mixes are my first pick, but its all good!

Someone Else
Comments: this tastes quite a bit like awesome. i just took my pants off.

tony scott
Comments: thanks ,xavier remix is nice

Kevin Gorman
Comments: i like dustins mixes and the acid circus too.. good good!

Marc Antonio
Comments: Full Support

Cari Lekebusch
Comments: Top! nice release, all tracks :)

Comments: really love all the remixes.. but i think the acid circus musc and zahns beat tool are stand outs for me

Comments: just wanted to say i REALLY REALLY like the originals now that i listen again

Audio Injection
Comments: Solid release! I like all mixes, a little bit of everything here, thanks!

Alland Byallo
Comments: Great release. All the mixes are techno heat. My favorite is the Acid Circus mix. Shit is PIMP. Zahn's tool will come in handy as well.

Adam Jay
Comments: All around solid release. Zahn remix stands out for me. Also like Finish Line alot.

Fine Cut Bodies
Comments: nice pack, my fav is mr zahn's mix! thx, K

Comments: I Like Original and Dustin Zahn Remix. Ill support both. Thanks for sharing!

Comments: zahn remix does it for me....And the tool he made! DO IT!

vidal vargas
Comments: ID HIT THAT! circus mix, tim x mix and finish line will all be getting some airplay. zahn's beat tool also seems useful.

Comments: full support for the american crew!!

Gennaro Le Fosse
Comments: Very nice Pkg!! full support!!

Andrew Grant
Comments: great set of remixes!!

henry chow
Comments: bang up job on the original and nice choices for remixes.