Hardwax described DVS1s debut on Ben Klock’s Klockworks label as “Pure and crafty techno”. The ep stormed techno charts from Chris Liebing to Derrick May,. This Minneapolis-based artist’s Timefog release proves to be equally pure and crafty, with more powerful raw emotions explored at the edges of the spectrum. With projects in the works for Derrick May’s Transmat label as well, DVS1 is one to watch!

cover Falling
An urgent, taut kick and rusty switchblade high hats snap to attention, sliding on titanium railways, as clanking, alien sonic flotsam rattles upward through your vertebrae. Cavernous toms pick up the cadence as the lights get lower. Flickering red lightbulbs overhead signal that liftoff is about to commence! Sure to be a hit with the likes of Ben Klock and Marcel Dettmann.
Falling (Drumcell and Audio Injections Finally Falling Mix)
The DROID crew from Los Angeles delivers a remix from Drumcell and Audio Injection. Profound bass and a sleek polish shine the rusty robots into gleaming machines, firing in a dramatic, powerful, linear trajectory through a parallel universe.
This is serious, deceptively simple big room techno at its finest, dry as dust. Taking a confident jump into faster BPMs, this is a track for people who still like to be pounded sometimes. Badly behaving robots drop like comets on a misaligned course into a pit of steamy bodies, heaving sweat, and nihilistic abandon as the synths growl their approval. Claps and saw blade cymbals punctuate the mayhem with authority, and the hook will certainly be one to remember…
Arrival (with break)
The runway lights appear in the distance as gauges click into place. The fasten your seatbelt sign has miraculously been turned off as beautiful silhouettes increase the cabin pressure. A warm yet melancholic descending bassline and spacious breakdown welcome us back to a lucid, womb-like reality as euphoric pads linger in the dream of the escape.
Arrival (no break)
The same feel with no breakdown, for those who aren’t ready to land just yet!

Tim Xavier: Totally quality music here!

Fine Cut Bodies: nice pack! love the deepness of arrival!

Nihad Tule: falling, love it!!!!

Bryan Zentz: cool... and fassst! >:) my faves are the droid homies mix and arrival thanks

Psyk: Love the EP! FULL support. fuckin 5*

Simone tavazzi: thx for the good tracks !:)

Paul Mac: Really liking Departure got a old school vibe about it that is hard to beat :)

Someone Else: nice ep. i like the 2 versions of falling the most.

Jonas Kopp: Wowowowow! DVS1 drop a Bomb again! I heard falling in his Myspace long time ago , full support , i will chart it and play it a lot. Thanks

Troy Pierce: departure track is dope.

Ben Parris: sick!

Alan Fitzpatrick: Drumcell mix is nice ;-)

Audio Injection: Phat release! Thanks! :D

John Tejada: nice driving evolving tracks to play out. thanks!

Derek Plaslaiko: I know you're lookin for more when people write their feedbacks, but HOLY SHIT!!!!

Mateo Murphy: All the tracks are interesting, but the Drumcell and Audio Injection remix gets the pick for the dancefloor!

Laurent Garnier: really like the "arrival" track will play this a lot

Butane: love all the originals here. gonna give this a whirl under the stars deep in the desert of Egypt next week...

Alland Byallo : Great release! I love Departure and Arrival! Beautiful tracks. Fine, fine techno here

Andrew Grant: HUGE

Len Faki: great ep here, full support on falling and arrival!

Chris Liebing: good ep!

Perc: Great release from the fast-rising DVS1 - all tracks good but Falling or Arrival win the day for me. Thanks, full support.

Alexi Delano: Proper!!!

Ronan Portela: intense ep! departure is the one for me, thanks!

Pär Grindvik: go zak!! arrival is pure magic! love it! thanks

Luke Slater: Absolutely top stuff from the man.!

also support from Dustin Zahn, Paco Osuna, Slam, Jacob Hoffman, Roxanne Mayoral, and on and on.....