Jon Hester‘s musical background and performance panache are presented in this package with a remix from the talented and versatile Dustin Zahn. Hester is known for delivering powerful DJ sets with memorable selections that give each moment a purpose, complimented with live saxophone, effects, and any amount of wild antics in the DJ booth.

cover “Spring My Heat” This is a track built for the terrace. An extended dramatic intro with trippy sustained percussion makes it perfect for layering or extending the anticipation of what’s to come. At last the jets thunder in, washing the dancefloor with sound and smiles. Warm latin-infused synths dance around layers of gyrating drums with a subtle hint of libido in the mix. Surefire burner!
“Classy Lady” A jack track back beat taking a nod from the early rhythms of Chicago house with a sleek updated feel. The bass hits its stride early and pumps the pocket as claves open up the room to taut high hat workouts, soaring string stabs and a xylophone hook. Classy and freaky – the best of both worlds!
“Night Endurance” A track perfect for dropping at an eyes-closed hands-up early morning moment. Dubby basic channel synths and ethereal sounds ride along with circular, driving percussion on a Freak n’ Chic tech house vibe. Subtle strings and bleeps keep the floor moving, with a dramatic, spacious break in the middle to take a deep breath before diving back into the bass.
“Night Endurance” – Dustin Zahn rmx Dustin Zahn (Drumcode, Rekids, Enemy, Solar Cathedral) ups the endurance ante by bringing the strings to the forefront, thickening the percussion, and adding some extra tricks for fans of Audion and Marco Carola. Time to sweat!

Psyk: Hot EP. Ill play both remixes of Night Endurance

Slam: cool tech house - will play

John Selway: Sprint My Heat sounds quite nice.

Alland Byallo: I'm so glad the first Hester tracks I've heard are such bombs! I think I like Classy Lady the most. It's just got the FUNK! Zahn's remix is a load of fun too. Will give that a whirl too! Nice work!

marco bailey: im like spring my heart

Derek Plaslaiko: Classy Lady and Zhans mix are the ones for me! Thanks!

Alan Fitzpatrick: Zahn's Mix is a bomb!! ful support.

Moe Espinosa (Drumcell): really good EP all around guys! seems like the schedule is packed with arsenal!

Joseph Capriati: very nice remix from Zahn...i will play it!

Cari Lekebusch: classy lady and dustins version of Night Endurance are me faves PZ // Cari

Butane: super hot. how did my penis wind up in the vacuum cleaner? weird.

pär grindvik: sweet release! love mr zahn's remix and the original of "night endurance" thanks!

Andrew Grant: Big Support.....luv the bass