m.gervais hails from Minneapolis, slamming cued up crowds under his moniker Mike G. Always one to use tracks as tools to craft a cutting edge sound, his early adoption of DJ technology keeps audiences dancing and trainspotters gasping to keep up. Having already released on Solar Cathedral Recordings, m.gervais rolls out his driving, no-nonsense stormers for his own timefog imprint.

cover A1 “Power Distance” Bork Bork Bork! Vocal snips and a pumping bassline build a stomping cadence for party rocking blasts and swirling effects as the rocket ships shoot into the stratosphere. This is music for peak time.
A2 “Power Distance” – Acid Circus’ Going the Distance rmx Stripping it down and stretching it out, the white hot duo and co-founders of Droid Behavior in LA go the distance deeper underground, dropping heavy bass and hard hitting hi hats. A relentless seething burner sure to be a hit for those in the Hawtin camp.
B1 “Chips n Smokes” Grooving tough with rapid space transit effects, this anthem for anti-nutrition is sure to get bodies moving. Bouncing bass and whooshing squanches from the future ping across the stereo field and leave dancers wondering what’s next.
B2 “He Says Some” What did he say??? The conversation gets blurred by the turbo drive train and the bone-dry melody pinging up and down, all anchored with a serious low end. An ace in the hole for minimal techno fans looking for something slick that still has its BITE!

Tim Xavier: mad support!

Slam: nice trax - not sure which is fav. at moment - cheers guys

Paco Osuna: good one,  i liske the ep

Alland Byallo: Nice work. A bit too galloppy for my dj sets, but it's quality music all the same. Acid Circus remix is my favorite.

Dustin Zahn: he says some: not sure about the jay strangelove breakdowns, but the rest is great!

Butane: liking power distance. it's raw. keep it up fellas.

Nihad Tule: he says some is my favourite, followed by chips&smokes ... nice release! thanks

Psyk: Good Release

ALSO support from Richie Hawtin, Kyle Geiger, Sean O'Neal, and Derek Plaslaiko