James Patrick has been seducing dance floors in Minneapolis with his own brand of mesmerizing detail- oriented dance music for over a decade. He is in his element DJing or playing live for discerning music lovers, often hosting up-and-coming underground stars and highly respected heavy techno hitters at any number of concept-driven all night events. It is with this spirit that he brings you the first release on Timefog, chock full of deep techno treats! The first offering from this diverse label is aimed squarely at the quirkier, profound moments of an evening on the decks.


B1 "After the Fog" is perfect in the mix with some moody pads and explorative steady back beats. Bass bubbles and throbs underneath jazz infused drums for a hypnotic effect
B2 "AM drift" gently pulls listeners off into deep space with a spellbinding groove, dubby, expansive resonance, and nebulas of low-end gurgles. Sure to be the soundtrack to everyone's dreamscape at the end of any life-changing freakathon.
A1 "Meat Hooks" packs a healthy dose of protein- building from a rubbery kick drum and drifting mechanics into an ever-evolving array of beefy tesh morsels to feast your ears on. This will simmer on a dance floor ready for something hypnotic and pumping... once the crowd is locked in to this jam it's time to get serious.
A2 "Meat Hooks – Bruno Pronsato’s Bonewich remix" On the other end of the spectrum, when everyone has moved on to the after after after hours, it's time for Bruno Pronsato (Perlon, Hello? Repeat, Orac, Telegraph, Philpot) to deliver the goods. An epic opus that breezes in on shimmering tones halfway from Hawaii, building with deft drum hits into a powerful sexy groove monster for revelers hanging on in sheer daytime bliss. Already receiving support from übergeil party animals at Club der Visionaire in Berlin.

Tim Xavier: The is interesting and modern, def a lot different from the normal run of the mill stuff I have been hearing from other labels lately. keep up the good work....

Slam: funking excellent druggiy house - support from Slam

Luke Slater: I like the Meathooks edit,promising.

Rob Paine: Afterthefog is pretty fukin wicked! need some time to get nto the other ones fully but this one is a keep for sure. thanx

Laurent Garnier: very abstract , very intresting Different , funky and very fresh I like the whole thing --Full support

Ronan Portela: Very interesting Ep! I like the experimental deep techno track Afterthefog. Thanks =)

Mateo Murphy: AM drift is really nice, a great hypnoyic trip. thanks!

Technasia: am drift's got soul. definitely my fav of the EP. 5* for that one

Ben parris: shiver me timbers!!!

Troy Pierce: since bruno's my girl i have to proclaim her mix the winner but the "after the fog" track is quite the plug buster as well, props all around.

Butane: finally a release from my techno warriors in MPLS! congrats on the release guys. Looking forward to more.

Pär Grindvik: sweet one! love "AM drift"! thanks!

Deetron: very very nice Pronsato Remix, I liiiiike