Tara LaPlante

Tara stumbled upon dance music around age 16. Her most influential experiences include the Minneapolis’ Rogue Nightclub, the infamous Further Festivals, and Milwaukee's Drop Bass NYE. Although the midwest had much to offer, she set out for the mountains to pursue a BFA in Painting in Bozeman, Montana. Shortly after her arrival she realized Montana was lacking a proper dance music scene, so she began a promotional company with another midwesterner known as the Little People. Their underground dance events went off with great success and support. Near the end of her schooling an overseas opportunity presented itself, her next destination being The Netherlands in 1999. While there, what she witnessed inspired and expanded her awareness of the international art and dance world. She returned to Montana with this experience fresh in her mind and took on the creation and management of an artist studio space in an abandoned mill warehouse. This was home to the final stomping ground for Little People music and art events in Montana.

Finally, she returned to the midwest moving to Minneapolis in 2000. Tara's initial focus was purely in the visual arts, which lead to the eventual opening of Offbeat Gallery. This project spanned just one year but provided an incredible learning experience, specifically within the business of art and visual curation. After living in Minneapolis a few years her focus changed and once again music took precedence.  She began working with fellow music enthusiasts on projects in 2008, these collaborations were the start of what is now Timefog. As Timefog’s project manager she helps keep the machine running; assisting in planning, development, and management of projects, releases, and events. In 2009 she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the music industry. Her role with Timefog changed when moving, but her commitment has not lessened. In fact, her living outside of Timefog’s Minneapolis headquarters offers positive and productive elements for the label. She hopes to connect and strengthen the westcoast and midwest dance music partnerships. She is very passionate about the past, present, and future of dance music and expresses this through her involvement with Timefog.