James Patrick Hungelmann


JP Hungelmann (James Patrick) is a longtime crusader for minimal techno and all kinds of electronic art. Through experimentation, he pushes the definitions of "forward thinking media" into new realms. Through both Djing and live performances worldwide, JP has developed and established his own brand of sleek, deep, and hypnotic electronic music. He also serves as creative director for the Microphono (http://microphono.com) and Time Fog (http://timefog.net) labels. As a promoter and curator, James directs Minneapolis' annual Spark Festival (http://sparkfestival.com) and the Secret Techno event series (http://secrettechno.com). JP was also a fundamental component in the development of VitalVinyl.com; a Minneapolis underground music mecca as well as online electronic music retailer.

Within education, James teaches and develops curricullum in the fields of sound design and technology music. Harnessing progressive concepts through the tools of new music and media, he cultivates the creative potential of tomorrow’s pioneers. Most recently, JP has been endorsed by the Ableton Live software company as one of its sole “Certified Trainers” in the US (http://ableton.com/education).

JP has 10+ years of directing events, and playing music alongside likewise innovators in the genre: Bruno Pronsato, Someone Else, Miskate, Ezekiel Honig, Sutekh, Sammy Dee, Jay Haze, Magda, Richie Hawtin, Ben Nevile, Randy Jones, Jeff Milligan, Jake Fairley, Mike Shannon, Deadbeat/Crackhaus, Barem, Butane, Richard Devine, Speedy J, Pole, Morton Subotnik, Alvin Lucier, etc.